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New Pooper Scooper?
Have you seen
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Yes, it's great!
Designed and made in the UK

Canine Clean-up Claw Pooper Scooper

The Canine Clean-up Claw pooper scooper is a practical easy to use hygienic alternative way of picking up dog mess.

The Claw Walking Stick Pooper Scooper a Revolution in dog mess disposal!

The Canine Claw Walking Stick More...
The Canine Claw Waist Stick Waist Clip on Claw

Waist Clip on Claw Pooper Scooper a shorter version that operates the same as the Walking Stick.


Two versions of the retractable claw pooper scooper are available

For those who are unable or prefer not to bend The Walking Stick Pooper Scooper is a must have: -

  • Un-cumbersome
  • No awkward straps
  • Quick easy and clean
  • Totally safe and hygienic in use
  • Has no detachable easy to lose parts
  • Lightweight

With all the attributes of a posh walking stick when not collecting dog waste.

The Clip on Waist Claw Pooper Scooper operates with the same attributes as the walking stick but is:-

  • Shorter
  • Comes with attached waist clip
  • Extremely light weight and none intrusive when walking

Whichever of these new pooper scoopers you choose the thought of using your hands and fingers to pick up poop will become un-imaginable.

The claw has evolved with the help of dog owners chosen at random in local parks and public places over a two year period (what they want) in a pooper scooper for the picking up and removal of dog waste. Our research into dog pooper scooper found many reason why dog walkers do not always clean-up the dog waste from the lack of dog waste bins in public areas to incapacity of bending down for the removal of waste.

The main reason given for the lack of removal of the dog waste was the:-

  • Warm
  • Uncomfortable
  • Unhygenic sensation

when handling the waste.

Dog walkers did not want their pooper scooper to be heavy or cumbersome. They wanted something hygenic lightweight and as easy to use as their own hand to clean up the dog waste.

After public trials of what is now known as the Canine Clean-up Claw Pooper Scooper we gave the public what they wanted.

- A third hand in the manner of a retractable claw within a walking stick or the shorter version waist clip-on pooper scooper. They operate in the same procedure as using your own hand and a bag but at a distance from the dog waste eliminating the unhygenic unpleasant sensation associated with dog waste removal.

The claw for short is an uncomplicated hygenic pooper scooper operating in much the same way as your own hand along with the dog poop bag. Customers now using the new pooper scooper all say they would not go back to using their hand to clean up dog waste.